Fish-head Tool Maker + Top-Tier Muskie Guide = Angling Revolution

What happens when a Tool Maker and Muskie Guide get together to design and build muskie baits?

The result... revolutionary bait designs with unique sound profiles, cutting-edge triggering qualities, and unmatched versatility.

The One bucktail

Introducing "The One"

Our patent-pending Square Clevis design creates a Unique Sound and vibration.

"The One" Square Clevis with Interchangeable Blades

  • Patent-Pending Square Clevis

    Patent-Pending Square Clevis

  • Fully Assembled Clevis

    Fully Assembled

  • Clevis with collar removed

    Collar Removed

  • Notched collar system

    Notched Collar System

  • Notched collar fits over clevis

    Notches Fit Over Clevis

  • Patent-Pending Square Clevis

    Snap Ring Locks Collar On

  • Blades added to clevis

    Blades Added To Clevis

  • Collar installed with blades

    Collar Snapped Onto Clevis

  • Snap ring locked on with blades

    Snap Ring Locked On