Are there other colors available?

Yes. Stay tuned to our website and social media channels and keep your eyes peeled for new colors. We often times have additional or custom colors available at the muskie expos. The best way to stay dialed in on bait availability and new colors and styles to our subscribe to be on our email list on this website.

Are there other sizes available?

Keep in mind our interchangeable clevis system allows you change out the blades including the size of them. We have been prototyping both larger and smaller sizes of lures and had some good success with both. But we think we can dial those sizes in further. We will eventually be releasing these as options as well. However, we wanted to get everyone started with the size that was absolute 🔥 last year in Josh’s boat.

What size snap ring do I need to purchase for use on “The One” if I damage or lose it?

You want a 3/8” external snap ring for our baits. We prefer to use snap rings that are coated with black phosphate which helps prevent corroding and rusting. We offer them for sale on our website here.

What size snap ring pliers do I need for removing the snap ring?

The tips of the snap ring pliers need to be less than .04”. We recommend a 90° bent tip pliers for ease of removing the snap ring. We have found the Knipex external snap ring pliers to be the best and easiest to use. We also offer a more cost effective option for sale on our website as well.

Can I buy patent pending clevis system independently of a bait?

We do not sell just the clevis system at this time. We may consider it at some point in the future.

How do you change blades on "The One" using a snap ring pliers?

Here is a video  demonstrating how to change the blades on "The One"